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Ant Control in Haringey

Ant Control in Haringey

There are two main types of ants common to . These are pharaohs ants, and garden ants.

Each Pharaohs ant queen produces up to 3500 eggs in its lifetime, nest locations deep seated in cavities in heated buildings. Often found in hospitals, the Pharaoh's Ants are associated with humid conditions. Colonies can range from a few dozen to 300,000 individuals.The control of pharaohs ants is difficult due to their highly developed social structure and the inaccessibility of their nests.

The most effective control involves the use of an insect growth regulator or insecticidal bait so that the whole infestation is affected within a short time. Control can only be achieved by the destruction of their nests. A thorough understanding of the ant species its biology, lifestyle and habits is required to achieve effective control in .

Garden ants can become a nuisance when they enter a facility but they do not present a threat to health. They do not generally transmit disease and they do not bite. Individual pavement ant colonies can often be controlled using ant baits, but perimeter inspection and treatment are usually necessary for long-term pavement ant control. Their colonies are controlled by direct treatment of nests in the soil.

Our Team have many years of experience within the pest control industry and possess the knowledge and experience to help remove the problem safely, contact us and let our staff eradicate your ant infestation.

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