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Cockroach Control in Wood Green

Cockroach Control in Wood Green

The German cockroach is one of the most common types of cockroaches in and the UK. The cockroach is attracted by the warmth of indoor environments. Adults are up to 15 mm long with long antennae and legs. The female cockroach produces an egg case called an ootheca, containing up to 30 eggs. This is worn by adults and young adults nymphs for about four weeks, until it hatches.

Cockroaches are usually active at night when they go out to look for sources of food and water. Cockroaches are omnivorous, they eat anything, including human waste. They can survive most weather conditions, but tend to prefer temperatures around 30C for the optimal rearing environment.

Newly hatched nymphs are pure white, but soon darken to a medium brown. Adult cockroaches in the last nymphal stage about 2 months are sexually mature at this time. They produce a strong sour smell around your house when there is a group of them.

Your home in could be housing a cockroach infestation. If you think that is the case then contact us. We pay a visit to your home at a convenient time for you and give your home a thorough inspection and carry out any cockroach removal services as necessary.

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