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Flea Control in Haringey

Flea Control in Haringey

Fleas in feed on the blood of pets and when fully fed they can breed and produce eggs. The flea bites irritate the pet and because your pet will scratch, it shakes out both eggs and adult fleas onto your London home. This is often why fleas are found in pet bedding.

Fleas like to feed on blood inside a week of reaching adulthood so as to survive, however after that they live for up to a year while not feeding if necessary. Fleas will jump about 45cm off the ground and this is often why most flea bites on humans are found on the lower leg.

If you have a flea infestation in your home one of our ttechnicians can visit and spray your home with a residual insecticide. It is safe for both people and pets as soon as it is dry. You will be asked to vacate the area needing treatment during the treatment process.

You will have to stay out of your home for two hours afterwards to allow the insecticide to settle and dry. The insectide forms tiny crystals in the pile of the carpet and these kill both adult fleas and their larvae.

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