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Rat Control in Haringey

Rat Control in Haringey

The brown rat is the most common species of rat found in households. Brown rats are believed to have originated in eastern Asia, it is thought that they spread to other parts of the world partially by ship. It came to Europe around the 18th century then they spread extremely rapidly, and is still doing so today over London and .

Statistics state that for every human there is 5 rats. The brown rat is a survivor in any environment but is mainly found in close contact with humans. Therefore you can find rats in buildings and in roof spaces all around . Rats are very good climbers and frequently they like to settle roof spaces where they can use the insulation to make nests with protection from the winter cold.

They oftentimes infest domestic dwellings, garages. In fact it seems anywhere there is an easy meal and possible nesting sites. Contact our rat control team today to receive our thorough and safe rat eradication services.

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