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Squirrel Control in Fortis Green

Squirrel Control in Fortis Green

The grey squirrel is an introduced species to the area. It is now sighted often throughout most of England. They are frequently viewed as a good addition to our wildlife. They can cause damage when they get into buildings. They can cause fire too when they chew electrical wiring.

They also strip bark from trees, which causes serious damage in your garden and your home. Grey squirrels compete with our native red squirrel for food and shelter and this has unfortunately helped with the decline of red squirrel numbers. There are two mating seasons for squirrels which is in spring and in mid winter.

Before the mating begins the female is chased through the tree tops playfully by males one of which will be selected by the female. You can see this a lot clearer in the latter mating season when the leaves would have shed trees. While squirrels may be adorable when they are out and about in their natural habitat a squirrel that has taken up residence in your home can be very disrupting. Contact us today for expert advice and for a free quote for the most reliable squirrel removal specialists in .

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