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Wasp Control in Fortis Green

Wasp Control in Fortis Green

Wasps are small winged flying insect with a sting in its tail. It creates a chiming noise. There are a few species of wasps and numerous of these are longer than 30mm in length. Their eyes are kidne.y shaped, they have a couple pairs of wings, the hind wings are weaker than the forewings.

Wasps in can basically be separated from mining bees because of their spiky body and waist.
Our pest control technicians are experts in eradicating wasps and wasps nests. We specialise in the removal and location of the wasp nests.

We offer the most trustworthy wasp control services for all your needs in . We also carry out proofing to avoid wasps getting into your home again. All pest control services are carried out in accordance with safety regulations.

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